Generally, women have a higher iron requirement than men due to the extra demand caused by blood loss during menstruation or pregnancy. In fact, of all the minerals, iron is the only mineral where women's requirements exceed that of men.

It's therefore not surprising that many women are found to be low in iron, in particular vegetarians and women who exercise regularly. In fact, 70% of Australian women aged between 25 and 55 years have diets deficient in iron4.

If you often feel tired, or would like more energy, you may want to consider supplementing your diet with iron.

FAB IRON Tablets, Capsules and liquid iron help to maintain healthy iron levels, all while being gentle on the stomach.


Iron is a vital mineral during pregnancy, with the developing baby solely dependent on the mother's supplies. An adult woman needs 18mg of iron per day. For a pregnant woman, this requirement almost doubles, increasing to 27mg per day.

Not all iron supplements are the same and many women experience unpleasant side-effects (such as constipation or nausea), if the type of iron used is not easily absorbed into the body.

FABFOL® uses Chelated iron that is easily absorbed. Iron that is chelated with amino acids cause little or no side-effects and is easily absorbed, leaving less excess iron in the intestine to cause irritation5.

Pregnancy places huge demands on a mother-to-be and it is important that adequate vitamins and minerals are taken to ensure a healthy mother, healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

FABFOL® is specially formulated with the essential nutrients to help ensure your baby has the best start in life and that you maintain energy and vitality.


Many women commonly experience a lack of energy while breastfeeding; this can detract from the enjoyment and ability to cope with the demands of a new baby. Post-natal lethargy is typically caused by a lack of iron, sometimes due to the loss of blood during birth.
It is important to replace the iron in order to boost energy levels and to aid the production of milk.

FABFOL® can help maintain or build your iron levels during breastfeeding, giving you the energy to enjoy motherhood.

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